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We Love You, Mom!

Whether we like to admit it or not, our mothers REALLY do KNOW us and are usually always right. Too many times, we ask, "HOW?! How can this be?! How does Mom know this?!" We may never know the answer, but why should we even pry? For nine months, our mothers carried us, felt our every move and loved us before ever seeing us. We were the purest miracle to ever happen to our mothers. For those of us who never met our birth moms, we were, most likely, still cared for and loved by some maternal influence who changed our life for the better. 

No matter who we consider our "Mommy," it is more than fair to show our appreciation to those inspirational women who taught us WHO and HOW to be. They are the true superstars and wonder women of society. There is no denying the amount of things they put up with. 

In appreciation for the women we call, "Mom," Eminence Hair Design offers gift cards for any amount for any of our hair and skincare services. 

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