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Work Hard, Play Harder!

We work hard, we play hard. Thank God we live in a country that knows how to recognize hard workers! This Labor Day, remember all the hours you put in at work for your family and friends. Remember your goals and dreams. Remember why you put in all those hours. Now, stop. Breath. Relax.

As your beauty professionals, we do our best to practice what we preach for ourselves. We understand that giving you our all means that WE need to have something to actually give! As workers in the service industry, we stress to take care of self---mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. We believe that if we are not FULL in these areas, we become only a shell of a person. As our guest, you deserve to receive the very best and the very fullest of what we have to offer.

Part of our salon culture, if you have not experience it yet, is to make sure the well-being of our staff is priority, first as individuals and then second as a team. Not only do we stress education in the beauty world for hair, skin and makeup; but we emphasize team activities on a regular basis. Additionally, educating our self mentally, emotionally and spiritually only enhances us and fills us up so we can give to you.

We look forward to servicing you this season and can’t wait to see you and give you the very best of ourselves and what the beauty world has to offer!

“A Cheerful Look Brings Joy to the Heart”

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