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Are You Thankful?

What are you grateful for?—the overused, cliché question that comes around this time of year, year after year. It almost becomes as traditional as the Thanksgiving Day parade and football. However, even our smallest blessings can be taken for granted. What would happen if we looked at all the positives in our lives instead of all the negatives? If we have 95% of our life going absolutely fabulous, why do we so often focus on the mere 5% that’s going so terribly?

This November, we are presenting this challenge to you: How could our lives change if we focus on all the good we have instead of all the bad.

In order to help you with this challenge, our annual Women’s Refuge Drive will be taking place from November 1 until November 20. We will be accepting lightly used clothing, shoes, pots, pans, plates, cutlery, toiletries, feminine products, journals, books, pens & pencils, Bibles, coloring books, sheets, comforters, pillows, canned goods (please look at expiration dates) and the like!

With every donation trip you make to the salon, you will receive a $10 voucher for your very next haircut, skin service or product purchase. Voucher does not apply on hair color, highlighting or makeup.  

“A Cheerful Look Brings Joy to the Heart”

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